Odor Neutralizer - Talc

Highly concentrated odor neutralizer with essence of talc. It contains an active principle, which reacts forming chemical bonds with the organic compounds that cause bad odors, such as the amines and the sulfur compounds. It eradicates the unpleasant odors without masking them, for example, garbage, molds, tobacco, organic matter, urine from pets, etc. It does not stain.



Air Fresheners with the scent of Odor Neutralizer - Talc

330ml Automatic Don Air Matic Refill

Don Air Matic Automatic Refill


13,61 € Tax inc.

11,25 € Tax exc.

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Jug 5L + 1 professional Sprayer

Jug + Professional Spray

5 litre

67,34 € Tax inc.

55,65 € Tax exc.

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1l Concentrated Fragrance Nebulaire

Nebulaire Mini, Small, Medium, IV, Maxi Concentrated Fragrance


107,69 € Tax inc.

89,00 € Tax exc.

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