Scents related to your brand

Scents for your business

Scents are able to communicate and provide countless sensations, cleanliness, luxury, strength, relaxation, femininity, mystery, passion, glamour, joy, attraction, desire, happiness, and so on. Therefore at Don Aire we are looking for a scent for each space.

Make the sense of smell your greatest ally. It is demonstrated that the shops that use fragrances at their business sell up to 25% more compared to the establishments that do not use it.

To choose the proper fragrance you must take into account:

  1. IDENTITY: Choose the scent that you feel that most fits your personality. The fragrance you choose will be the link to reveal the messages that you want to transmit.
  2. PRODUCT: The essence chosen must speak of the product that offers. For example in the shops of sportswear look for an aroma with fresh, herbaceous and citrusnotes that transmit freedom, relaxation, fresh air, etc.
  3. CONSUMER: Be consistent with the target audience for your product (young people, ladies, babies, executives, athletes, etc.) it is important to study the scent by the customer segment.

Choose well the fragrance will help you to:

  • Distinguish you and attract the attention of the consumer.
  • Make customers stay longer in your establishment.
  • Increase your chances of selling.
  • Make an impression, will be back a second time.

When the points of sale are aromatized, customers remain an average of 30 seconds longer. In such a way that increases the chances of seeing, touching and buying.

* We have a wide range of natural, perfume and harvestfragrances (toast bread, freshly cut grass, chocolate, etc.) only you have to consult the scent you're looking for.