What is Scent marketing

Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing aims to associate a particular scent with the values that a company, customer, or product want to transmit.

A slight touch of the scent and the customer should feel connected to a concept or idea, a feeling or a special moment…

It is a marketing tool that uses aromas to generate a certain effect or create a different shopping experience with an added value. Revaluating the brand at the point of sale, managing to transmit specific values and generating reactions on the customer.

It involves a stimulation technique capable of reviving memories and lived emotions. Aromas have the power of taking us back to past times and distant places in matter of milliseconds giving life to memories that we might even have forgotten. That’s where the magic of Don Aire lies: using smell as a new communication channel, way more powerful than sight or hearing.

Scent marketing is an important part of sensory Marketing, which aims to appeal to the senses with the aim of creating sensory experiences through sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

In short, it is about creating “an olfactory memory” through the sense of smell.

Scientific studies show that human beings remember more than 35% of what they smell, above 5% of what they see and 2% of what they hear. Our memory is able to remember over 10,000 different aromas and yet only recognizes 200 colors.

Smell is directly connected to the limbic system and intimately related to memory and the world of emotions. It is the sense with the greatest power of evocation. Every day we perceive scents that have a powerful influence on our emotions, behaviors, and mood.

Scent Marketing is not only limited to points of sale, but also reaches work environments, business centers or educational centers with the aim of creating an environment that enhances the performance of workers.

Studies have shown that flavoring the environment reduces employee mistakes by 20% and increases their productivity by 15%.