Scent marketing Strategies

Scent Marketing

Through scents you will get big benefits for your business. The productivity of workers improves, the consumer experience is more enjoyable and the brand identity is reinforced with the sense of smell.


  • Reinforces your corporate identity, which clients identify with quality, sophistication, elegance and cleanliness.
  • Strengthens Branding
  • Increases your productivity by 15%. Customers will remain longer in your establishment and will receive the products in a positive way, influencing the buying decision.
  • It manages to establish a link between the client and the brand.
  • Increases workers performance: improves mental concentration, reduces fatigue and stress and increases productivity. It is proven that 21% fewer errors are generated and coexistence improves.
  • It has been verified that the businesses that use scent marketing sell up to 25% more compared to establishments that do not use it.
  • Creates a comfortable and unique atmosphere making the consumer have a pleasant experience and remaining an average 35 seconds longer.

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A good use of the olfactory marketing

  • Create your own odotype, to which your customers will quickly link your brand to.
  • If you cannot create your own brand odotype, use always the same fragrance.
  • Be coherent with the aroma. It is imperative that the fragrance you choose fits with the place, flows with the environment and becomes part of the room, as well as decoration, light and music.
  • Use original and unusual aromas. It’s all about reinforcing the identity of your brand.
  • Manages to create a comfortable environment that isolates the customer from noise, routine, work, stress, anxiety, etc.
  • Be congruent with your target audience and customer target. You must create an appropriate environment.

It is important to be advised by professionals, to carry a proper study of the brand and the objective pursued.

Scent Marketing is not just about introducing pleasant aromas, it is about finding and adapting the aroma that has the biggest impact on your clients at the same time you provide them with a pleasant sensation with the objective of creating a memory that relates the aroma with your brand.

Aromas are not only able to increase sales, help identifying brands, but also are crucial towards achieving goals such as keeping customers relaxed, excite them, reduce anxiety, generate security or a variety of reaction according to the interest of the brand.

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